Friday, May 10, 2013

The Music of Star Trek, Part I

11. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home / Leonard Rosenman
Despite a fan main title anthem, Leonard Rosenman's score is a mixed bag. The sounds found here don't match those in any other incarnation in the franchise and though (in concept) that's not a bad thing, Rosenman's sound doesn't work here. The cues representing the alien probe don't make for easy listening.

Highlights: 1. Logos & Main Title / 10. Hospital Chase / 14. Home Again & End Credits

10. Star Trek: Generations / Dennis McCarthy
Dennis McCarthy has provided more music for the Star Trek franchise than any other composer, having provided music for episodes for every modern television series. Unfortunately, McCarthy is never able to shake the television mindset as he makes the jump to the big screen with the crew of The Next Generation and most of his music sounds like it could be found in another episode. That's not to see it's not enjoyable; it certainly is. Unfortunately, when in comparison to the works of Goldsmith, Horner and Eidelman, McCarthy's score falls short.

Highlights: 16. Coolant Leak & Crash Landing / 24. To Live Forever

9. Star Trek Nemesis / Jerry Goldsmith
Jerry Goldsmith's fifth and final score in the Star Trek franchise is also his weakest. There's very little going on in the first half of the score and it's not until the last half does he really open up the orchestra's sound. Unfortunately, when he does the action music is rather uninspired, especially for someone renowned for scoring action movies. One of the score's biggest problems is its lack of a distinguishable main theme. It's a shame that Goldsmith finishes his Trek career like the cast of TNG; with a whimper.

Highlights: 4. Enterprise Flyover / 21. The Scorpion / 24. Preparing for Battle / 25. The Battle Begins / 28. Team Work / 34. Final Flight

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