Monday, April 27, 2009

Is This a Good Sign?

I for one don't view box office receipts as being a way to measure the quality of a movie. After all, The Phantom Menace made over $400 million but was not a good movie. It is, in fact, the only Star Wars movie that is not a part of my DVD collection. However, I do know that in order for there to be further incarnations of a favorite film/TV franchise, there must be success in the box office.

As much as I'd like to say I don't care whether or not Star Trek is successful just as long as it's good, I want to see more! So I care about both.

A year ago, a little movie called Iron Man opened to almost $100 million its opening weekend and went on to gross $318 million domestically, second in 2008 only to another little movie called The Dark Knight. A lot of that success was to due advanced ticket sales. So is this article any indication of good things to come?


Dave said...

Wow...four posts in four days....I love it.

Evie said...

Has the Writing Bug bitten you?