Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"The Show Must Go On."...Or Does It?

Back in May I posted my thoughts on Jon & Kate Plus Eight, and that considering the severe marriage problems that were taking place between Jon and Kate, the show should be canceled.

Since that post, the show's fifth season premiered on Memorial Day to record ratings in an episode that really didn't answer any questions but showed the severity of the marriage problems of Jon and Kate. In the episode, Jon and Kate interviewed separately, with only a brief 30 second interview segment (that was aired) where they appeared together. Even during the televised 5th birthday party of the kids, Jon and Kate barely interacted with each other, and when they did, the tension was very apparent.

After a half dozen episodes or so, TLC broadcast a 1-hour episode on June 23rd. The episode was originally to be half an hour, but then was quickly re-edited to one hour to fit in a "major" announcement from Jon and Kate. The announcement in the episode was that Jon and Kate were getting divorced.

Since then, Jon has been associated with at least two different women, one of whom he was rumored to have been engaged to, while Kate has been photographed at home with her obviously unhappy 8 children. Since that episode, TLC has not aired any new episodes due to the show being put on hiatus.

As Maggie and I like to watch other shows that are on TLC, we have not seen any previews for any more episodes of this continuously dismal show.

Until tonight. As of August 3rd, new episodes of Jon & Kate + 8 are being aired on TLC at their usual time, with another one-hour special. Despite the collapse of their marriage, Jon and Kate Gosselin have chosen to continue their participation in this show that is leading to the end of their marriage. Even if it was just a question of when their marriage would collapse (which Kate openly admitted in one of her interviews, much to my disgust), it was still probably going to happen. This show only accelerated the dismiss of that marriage, something that Kate will not admit to, even though she admitted it probably would have happened eventually anyway.

My anger over this entire situation is too strong to adequately convey through these means, but all I can say is that Maggie and I have agreed that we are done with this show. Ever since the premiere, each episode was becoming less and less about the kids and the things that they did as episodes in the past had shown and more and more about the destruction of this family.

For that reason, in addition to Jon and Kate continuing the show to make money to "support" their family (or Jon's trips to France with his girlfriends), Maggie and I will no longer be watching this monstrosity.


Jenn said...

lol!!!! supporting his trips to france...too funny :)

Evie said...

You're making the right decision to stop watching the show. I've never seen it, but, knowing how the family has been destroyed on the parents' altars of wealth and fame, I have absolutely no interest in it. My heart goes out to the children.

Joanne said...

Jon & Kate are doing to their kids what the Ontario government did to the Dionne Quintuplets in the late 30's and 40's. A lesson can be learned from their life.

Evie said...

It's time for a new post.