Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Toronto Blue Jays: So Far So Good...

Now, I know that this is a post that will likely be somewhat divisive. On one side of the family there are New York Yankee fans, and on the other side of the family there are Toronto Blue Jays fans. Let me just say right now, if you don't already know, I'm a Toronto Blue Jays fan! I have been all my life.

Coming up on Memorial Day weekend and so far so good for the Blue Jays. You may have noticed I added the baseball standings as one of my little sidebar gadgets. Right up front at 27-14 and 3.5 games ahead of the Boston Red Sox are the Toronto Blue Jays! And, I must add, they have one of the best records in all of Major League Baseball at the moment, second only to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Now it's still very early in the season and the Blue Jays have been known to falter near the middle of the season, while teams like the Red Sox and the Yankees are well known for their second-half turnarounds that result in post-season births. No offense to offense to my Yankee fan family members, but I hope that this season isn't one of them. The Red Sox and Yankees have dominated the American League East for far too long, and just like last year was the year for the Tampa Bay Rays to get their shot, it's time for the Blue Jays to get their first shot at the post-season since their World Series victory in 1993. That's a very long time, if you ask me.

Will history repeat itself and the Blue Jays falter and finish in 3rd yet again, with the Red Sox and Yankees charging forward and battling it out for 1st place? Or will the Blue Jays' strong start hold through the season and we see them head into the playoffs?

Let's sit back and watch!


Stephen said...

I've never had any doubts about where your true loyalties lie! It will be interesting to see how the season will play out. To tell you the truth, I'm still smarting after all these years concerning the last baseball strike. With that said, I still love it when the Jays beat the Yankees on their home turf - all the sweeter it will be in their new home stadium.

Jenn said...

they brought cito back at just the right time. it's about time we had another winning team in this city!!!! now i just have to get ethan and owen some jerseys :)

Dave said...

They need to keep building from within the minors and hone team chemistry. I am not sure they have the horses to go all the way. Even when they were winning the division, August is their fade month. Lets see how they are at the end of June when depth starts to come into play. Boston and NY are powerful teams...one is bound to catch fire. That said, I am still cheering for them as I do for the Cubs.

Christian said...

The Yanks have caught the fire. They are 9-2 since A-Rod has been back and are working on an 8 game winning streak if they win tonight. I think the Jays had an easy schedule on their side.

I was at the Yankees/Orioles game last night and their seems to be great chemistry among the players.

Evie said...

I loved the Yankees as a kid and still get a bit of a charge when they make the postseason. But, I also see them as a large part of what ails Major League Baseball: a handful of teams have seemingly infinite financial resources and can buy lots of talent, while the majority of teams get the leftovers in money and talent. So, I don't follow the majors much these days. And, in the postseason, unless the Yankees are involved, I usually root for the underdog so that I can snicker at the teams that pour dollars down the drain and still end up losers.

Catharine said...

Okay (okay)
Blue Jays (Blue Jays)
Let's (let's), play (play) ball!

Unfortunately, as I write this they have hit a dry spell and now lost 9 in a row. I hope they turn it around soon.