Tuesday, May 12, 2009

$80 Million and Counting

Star Trek's finally been released. And not only do I find it be an absolutely spectacular movie, apparently so do a lot of other people. As of this morning, Star Trek's rating on RottenTomatoes was at 95%, with 226 positive reviews, and only 11 negative reviews. This makes it probably one of the most well reviewed movies I've ever seen on the website. While Metacritic.com lists it at 83% based on 37 reviews, that's still considered "Universal Acclaim" by that website.

So it's been well reviewed, and I wouldn't be surprised to see some technical acknowledgment by the Academy Awards next year, but does that translate to financial success? The answer is yes!

As of Monday night, from pre-midnight screenings on Thursday night through the end of the weekend, Star Trek has brought in $79.2 million! This is extraordinary for a Star Trek movie, considering the most successful opening weekend any Trek movie has had was First Contact's $30.7 million in 1996. Star Trek smashed that, and in its first weekend has already grossed more then Nemesis ($43.4mil), The Final Frontier ($52.2mil), Insurrection ($70.2mil), The Undiscovered Country ($74.9mil), Generations ($75.7mil), The Search for Spock ($76.5mil), and The Wrath of Khan ($78.9mil). It will more then likely become the biggest success of any Star Trek movie, considering the highest grossing film was The Voyage Home, at $109.7 million.

I encourage everyone to not only see it, but feel free to share your thoughts and feelings by commenting under my review of the film, and vote on my poll on what you feel is your favorite Star Trek movie! I have to be honest, I haven't yet voted because I'm waiting to take Maggie to see it so that I can get a better feel of how well it holds up on second viewing before I decide on what I feel my favorite film is. But I encourage you to vote on it! And if you can, see it in IMAX! Josh and I saw it in IMAX and it was quite an experience! That is the only way to see a movie! The picture was perfect and the sound was crystal clear! It was awesome!

All I can say is bring on the sequel!


Dave said...

Thanks for the thoughts.

Evie said...

I've read good things about the movie and look forward to seeing it soon.

Stephen said...

I hope to see it in a couple of months when it goes into the cheap theatres.
One of the couples in our church went to ee the movie. They said that they are not fans of Star Trek but found this movie entertaining. They said that they would recommend the movie.
I am certainly impressed by all the positive feedback from the reviewers.