Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh Come On!

Okay, it's official! It is now absolutely ridiculous how much attention this guy gets. I once again speak of the "political celebrity" Joe the Plumber. His latest headline news maker is that he is headed to the Middle East. That's right! Joe the Plumber's going to the Middle East, and his trip his making headlines on CNN!

He is going to be a news correspondent for to cover the Israeli perspective of the violence in Gaza. And according to him, it's "tragic, I mean it really is...I don't say that in any little way." And according to Joe's publicist, the Israelis are "very excited" to have him coming!

Can someone stick a fork in this guy's "celebrity" and be done with it! Let's just move on already! What's with the media and this obscure obsession with every little thing that is done by Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin? Has anyone else noticed that John McCain has been in the headlines maybe once or twice since the election? Let's take a break from election-related coverage and focus on some actually news!


Dave said...

Joe is like a Hollywood set, hype and a front with little content as evidenced by his comments when he joined the McCain campaign at various events. He has been built up by the political right and will use coached comments by others. Others will do his writing and help to position him to run for Congress in 2010.

Evie said...

I appreciate what Joe's done so that he could enlighten me about the tragedy in the Middle East. I had completely missed that.

Barbara said...

you gotta hand it to him ... he's just another American who has become a celebrity by doing absolutely nothing! let's just see how long it lasts.