Thursday, January 1, 2009

Keepin' Up with Ally #1

Maggie and I have been the proud owners of Ally for almost two weeks now, and I must say she has changed a lot! It seems like only yesterday she was really small, and while she's still quite small, she has grown a lot since we first got her!

Ally's energy level has multiplied by an unimaginable factor, she is teething like you would not believe, which means that she is nibbling and biting anything she can get in her mouth, and she's eating and pooping like there's no tomorrow! And sure enough, Molly is still scared of Ally!

I have yet to catch her in the act on camera, but rumor has it that Ally is quite taken with the dog she sees in the mirror, to the point where she's pawing and licking at her, trying to get her to play! I've yet to get a picture of it happening, but don't worry, one is on its way! Although, I did get a couple pictures of Ally trying to play with one of those electronic toy dogs that moves and barks when you play with it. Ally was quite surprised when the toy dog started barking at her!


Dave said...

she is a cute she gets more energy she will be even more of a ball of fun

Evie said...

I hope you didn't keep her awake too late on her first New Year's Eve!

Evie said...

I just found out that Joshua left Ally's Chik-Fil-A cow (his souvenir from the football game) in his hotel room. He was going to give it to Ally as a chew toy. What a negligent uncle!