Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our New Baby: Ally

Maggie and I have an announcement to make; Just in time for Christmas we received our first baby...Ally.

We'd been wanting a dog for a good while now. I haven't had a dog (Fred) since Winnipeg almost thirteen years ago, and Maggie hasn't had a dog (Cinnamon) in almost five years, and we both felt like it was time for us to get a dog. So as a Christmas gift, Maggie's parents gave us money find a dog, and after a long, strenuous search, we came across Ally in Harrisonburg, Virginia, a good two hour drive away. But I must say, the drive was worth it.

Ally's a five-week golden retriever puppy who was born on November 15th, 2008. She's very affectionate and playful, and is at that age where she's teething, so she nibbles quite a lot. We got her last Saturday night, and in the first week, we've seen her grow already. Her daily routines consists of rotations of sleep, eat, pee, poop and a little bit of play. We're working on potty training, and she's already slowly starting to pick up on that. Just yesterday, she went to the back door at Maggie's house (where we've been taking her outside) and started sniffing around, knowing that's the area for her to go at. The first night we had her she settled right into her little puppy bed! She's a very brave, curious dog. Maggie's sister has a miniature schnauzer who is normally a bully, but Molly (the mini-schnauzer) is scared of Ally! At one point, Ally was chasing Molly around the living room!

Ally is absolutely CAP (cute, adorable and precious) and she's brought a lot of joy into the lives of Maggie and me. While she is quite a handful, we love her very much and everyone who has met Ally in both our families has fallen in love with her.

We look forward to many years of love and joy with Ally!


Christian Camuti said...

Cute Dog Jon! I am sure she will provide lots of memories over the years. I couldn't imagine life without Jasmine.

Joanne said...

You're first "child"! Congratulations! You're right Jonathon, she is absolutely CAP. So, I expect to see lot's of posts and lots of pics as she grows. Oh....and tell Maggie to keep a close watch on her undies (ask Jenn about that one).

Evie said...

Ally is a cute, friendly pup. I love her little visits with us and look forward to many more.

Catharine said...

Adorable. I love puppies. They do the silliest things. Can't wait to hear about all the silly things Ally will do. Congratulations.

Jenn said...

she's so tiny!!! we love charlie like he's our first baby. a couple of words of wisedom as you raise her from the parents of a FABULOUS dog. 1. start your training RIGHT AWAY. let her know her boundaries. and NEVER stop training. even to this day, charlie has to obey a command to get a treat. 2. when she's a few months old start putting a salmon oil pill in her food once a day. it gives them a beautiful shiny coat. we get compliments on charlie's fur all the time. 3. don't leave your underwear on the floor.