Saturday, December 6, 2008

2012 Presidential Polls: The Race Begins

Barack Obama isn't sworn in for his first term as President for another six weeks and there is already polling out for the 2012 election. I came across this story while on the Internet and couldn't help but shake my head in disgust.

We've just been through the longest election in history and already the next one is beginning! For anyone keeping track, it started the week after Obama won when Palin starting making the media rounds to repair her reputation, and as my mom posted a few weeks ago, Rudy Guliani has already opened his fundraising website for a 2012 run. It's really sad that this is the state of American politics; a nonstop campaign.

Nothing will ever be accomplished if all people ever do is look to the next election four years from now and spend that entire time campaigning. While I understand that it's all about getting your message out fastest to gain that "front-runner" status, in the end it doesn't matter who the front-runner is. If you look at this election that ended only a month ago, neither of this year's candidates were their party's front-runner a year ago!

It's my honest hope that this constant campaign-mode backfires and forces these people to actually try to get things done and work to solve the problems of their people before they worry about their own political ambitions.


Dave said...

Its not just about getting the message out but its about raising the bucks needed to last well past the first 20 primaries and caucuses. If one does well in their first five or so the money will come in. If one stumbles (places below third) in two or more of the first five, the money dries up.

Evie said...

I'll try to ignore most of the 2012 talk for at least two years. We'll see if I can hold out that long. ;)

Jonathan Sears said...

I don't want to pay attention to any of it. But it's hard to not notice it when its the headline when you try to log into your e-mail!

Barbara said...

Say it aint so!!! Can't they wait until at least the president-elect settles into the white house?

Catharine said...

Oh no!

Stayed tuned to the Canadian side of things. With the Governor General deciding to give the Harper government more time, the coalition losing its leader, a new Liberal leader on the way, stayed tuned for another Canadian election in the works!

Oh no!

Stephen said...

I had dinner with a couple who just moved up here to Canada. They brought up the "remarkable" difference between Canada and the US - the length of elections. They are astounded that we called an election and we have a government in place within six weeks. They said there is definite voter fatique in their country that elects a government and then goes directly into another four year campaign.