Friday, April 10, 2015

The Jets Are Playoff Bound!

Well, Jets fans, it's finally happening! After 19 years, playoff hockey is returning to Winnipeg. It would've been nice if the Jets had actually won last night instead of limping over the finish line by going into overtime (and an assist from a Calgary victory over LA) but they're on their way.

It's been quite a year for the Jets and for a time during the second half of this season, it looked like they might blow it. But the Jets held on and considering they were competing in the best division in the NHL (every team earned at least 80 points) it's quite an accomplishment, one that has gotten a lot of attention from hockey analysts and sports writers who have loved this story all season.

I, personally, don't have high expectations for the Jets. Only twice in team history (I'm counting only the teams known as the Jets) have they cleared first round and both times were swiftly eliminated. Still, though, it's nice to see some success from the Winnipeg Jets. They have one game left tomorrow night but have still earned more points than at any other point in team history with 97 points. They're currently 1 win shy of the team high, but still 42 is a good number of wins. They've done really well and hopefully this is the start of a renaissance for the Winnipeg Jets.

Now if only the Blue Jays could get their act together...

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