Saturday, April 25, 2009

Keeping Up with Ally

Just thought I'd post some pics of Ally that no one has seen. She's growing into a beautiful young dog! She pictures so well and Maggie and I have seriously considered if we should try to submit pictures of her to see if they can be published or put on dog food or something. Who knows? It could work!

We've just recently began to notice something in Ally's behavior. Whenever I come over to Maggie's, Ally also gets so excited to see me, jumping up and down, back and forth, onto me, onto Maggie, just smiling away! Maggie says that while Ally is excited to see her, she never gets that excited. But then last night, I got back to Maggie's house before she did and so when I went in, Ally was excited to see me, but not as excited as she normally is. But the moment Maggie got home, Ally broke out into this huge ball of excitement! We've come to realize that Ally is always excited to see us, but she is more excited to see us when we're together! It's as though she's shouting out, "We're all here together!"

I think it's so wonderful how Ally is excited when she's with both Maggie and me!


Dave said...

Ally is a lovely dog, full of life and she is still so cute.

Evie said...

Ally knows that the three of you are a family. Just as young children feel most secure when the whole family is together, Ally feels best when her whole family is together.