Sunday, November 2, 2008

How should "Generations" Have Ended?

While surfing the net today, I discovered some alternate endings to 1994 Star Trek: Generations. Now, while the film certainly has its flaws, I don't find it to be all that bad. For me the films starts to lose it once Picard enters "the Nexus", a type of fantasy dimension where time has now meaning.

In the original ending, Picard's attempt to stop Soran from destroying a star to enter the Nexus fails and Picard is sucked into the Nexus. There he seeks the help of James T. Kirk (pulled into the Nexus at the start of the movie) in exiting the Nexus to stop Soran.

But what many people do not know is that there are alternate endings to this movie. Take a look and vote on your favorite!

Ending One

Ending Two


Evie said...

Hmm - tough choice. I think I like the Rambo version.

Dave said... these Kirk lives on to rescue the Federation again and again and....